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Norwich swingers club are making a comeback, and it's about time. I've been living in Norwich for a few months now, and I've struggled to find a decent place for like minded swingers to enjoy sex. The few clubs I have been at just didn't cut it, you could tell right away they just didn't keep things up to scratch. The swinger club in Norwich that I went to last night, now that was awesome. I walked in the front door and it felt like I was at home, everyone was so welcoming and by the end of the night, I'd not only had great sex, but I also made some great friends as well. They told me where all the best Norwich swingers club are, so now I don't have to worry about looking for swinger sex, I know just where I can get it.

Now I never kiss and tell, so I am not going to just come out and tell you where Norwich swingers club are. You need to do some work, trust me there are a few places that are worth your time. Local swingers in Norwich won't even need to ask, they already know where to find all the swinging action. You could try talking with a local, maybe they might help you with swinging, and maybe they won't, it can't hurt to ask though. I want as many people as possible to get into swinging in Norwich, the more people that do the more fun we all have.

The club scene is different than swinging at home, you often see different people and it makes a good change from all the normal swinger sex I've had before. That being said though, real swinger club sex isn't for everyone. Some prefer home swinger sex, and I'm fine with that. Those of you who choose to stay home, well you're missing out on the hottest club sex you could ever wish for. And being honest, that means more hot club girls for us guys who want to visit Norwich swingers clubs! Now I've wet that sexy tongue of yours, how about you put it to good use at your local swinger sex club. Get in on the best sex action around, join like minded swingers for hot club sex. I'm sure I'll see you at the Norwich swingers club, now be sure to say hello and introduce yourself.

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